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Guitar Lessons




30 minutes/weekly

Our guitar lessons are for ages 7 and up. We believe that any student younger than 7 will not be as successful due to finger strength.

Their curriculum involves a book written in-house, designed to introduce music terms and notes on the fretboard gradually. We also use the Hal Leonard Guitar Series books in our guitar lessons.

Upon completion of the series, students will have a solid foundation that allows them to continue studying a variety of genres i.e. jazz, classical, or rock.

We believe in making learning music enjoyable and encourage our students to tell their teacher what songs they would love to learn to play so it can be incorporated into their lessons.

All students are encouraged to practice five days a week for short, quality sessions rather than long, overwhelming practice sessions. Our teachers will provide specific assignments of what to practice and how.

For school-aged students, our teachers will come out to the lobby a couple of minutes before the end of the lesson to give a quick lesson report to the student's parent or guardian including a description of what to expect from your child's practice at home.

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