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Policies and Procedures

Absences and Reschedules

As our schedules are very full, we have to adhere to a strict absence policy: as long as we have notice of a missed lesson, we can reschedule. 


We will not reschedule any missed lessons without prior notification.


Our teachers are still allocating their time preparing and waiting for their lesson to begin when we are not notified of an absence. We understand that life happens, and absences are unavoidable; however, out of respect for our teachers' time, we cannot reschedule a lesson unless we are notified ahead of time.


Please know that we will be as flexible as possible prior to the lesson time and we thank you for your understanding and respect for our policy regarding absences after that time.



If your child has stayed home sick from school, we ask that they also stay home from their piano lesson. Please call our office as soon as you can to talk about a reschedule or an online lesson option.


Thank you for helping us keep our studio as safe as possible for our students, teachers, and staff.



It is possible that you may have a substitute teacher from time to time. While it may be a change from the regular teacher, rest assured that the substitute teacher will be fully qualified and capable of teaching your lesson right from where you left off since all of our teachers are trained to teach in the same structure and methodology.


Changing your Permanent Time

If you need to change your permanent time, we will do our best to find a new time slot that works for you. However, please keep in mind that depending on availability, you may need to go on a waitlist. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.


Pausing or Canceling Lessons

We do not lock you into a contract. If you need to pause or cancel your lessons with us, please inform us before the start of the month in which you wish to pause or cancel, and we'll adjust your monthly tuition rate accordingly based on the date you are stopping lessons.

If you need to take a break within the same month, any tuition payment already made will be held as a credit to be used when you return.

However, please note that we won't be able to hold your same lesson time while you are away. But don't worry, we'll work with you to find a new time that works for you when you are ready to resume lessons.


Refunds or Credits

We do not offer refunds or credits for lessons except for extreme circumstances such as a snow day. However, we do provide the option to reschedule lessons if necessary, provided that we have prior notice.

It is important to note that this policy is in place to protect our small business's cash flow. Refunds and credits can have a significant impact on our financial stability, and by enforcing this policy, we are able to ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality lessons to all of our clients.

While we understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, we ask that all of our clients respect our policy. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

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