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At Piano & Guitar Institute, we strive to make things easy and convenient for our customers, as well as for our small business. That's why we have implemented a monthly tuition plan that remains a flat rate each month based on 47 lessons in a typical year. This means that even if there are months that have 5 lessons instead of 4 lessons or months that have planned closures, your monthly tuition will not be affected.

Our planned closures, which include Spring Break, Fourth of July week, Thanksgiving week, Winter Holiday Break, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, are factored out of our flat rate and therefore are not credited or rescheduled.

Please note that music and recital fees are not included in the monthly tuition price.

Monthly Tuition Rates


Third Sibling Discount

Bring the whole family! The third sibling enrolled gets 50% off monthly tuition.

Prepay Discount

Paying in advance can lower your costs. Each month that you prepay (up to 6 months) gets you a 2% discount on your monthly tuition. 

Prepay 2 months - 4% off

Prepay 3 months - 6% off

. . .

Prepay 6 months - 12% off

Referral Bonus

Tell your friends. When new students enroll and name a current student/family as their referral, that family gets 1 free lesson credited to their account!

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