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Piano Lessons




30 minutes/weekly

Piano lessons for our school-aged students focus on teaching students to read music using a multiple-key approach emphasizing recognition of intervals rather than names of notes.

Instead of memorizing every note, students learn to read music by focusing on the shapes and their transitions, making the process efficient and fun. After mastering knowledge of the major scale students are then ready to play within any key.

We use Alfred's Basic Piano Library in this curriculum allowing the incorporation of any music the students prefer, from Disney songs to classical or jazz.

All students are encouraged to practice five days a week for short, quality sessions rather than long, overwhelming practice sessions. Our teachers will provide specific assignments of what to practice and how.

Our teachers will come out to the lobby a couple of minutes before the end of the lesson to give a quick lesson report and description of what your child will be practicing at home.

Why Piano Lessons?

Here are some of the benefits of a piano or guitar lesson.

  • Cognitive Benefits: Improved Memory, Enhanced Concentration.

  • Academic Benefits:  Better Math skills, Improved Reading.

  • Emotional Benefits:  Stress relief, higher self-esteem.

  • Physical Benefits:  improved fine motor skills, enhanced dexterity.

  • Long term Benefits:  Builds discipline and patience.

Overall, music lessons provide a comprehensive set of benefits that enrich cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development, contributing to a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

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