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Mr. Stickler

Guitar & Piano Teacher

Mr. Stickler is a piano and guitar teacher at Piano & Guitar Institute. He discovered his love for music shortly after serving in the military. Since then, he has performed with multiple bands across New Mexico, Colorado, and the West Coast.

While living in Colorado, he attended the University of Northern Colorado and earned a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies and Performance.

It wasn't until his time in Washington State that he discovered his passion for teaching. Now, he has returned to his roots with plans to continue his education while sharing his love for music with students of all ages and skill levels.

Mr. Stickler is a big fan of Jazz music and especially enjoys teaching songs from The Great American Songbook. Another Fun fact about Mr. Stickler is that he has an impressive Comic Book collection.

Mr. Stickler loves Jazz and teaching songs from The Great American Songbook. He also has an impressive collection of Comic Books!

Mr. Stickler
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