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Ms. Herndon

Lead Teacher & Enrollment Director

Ms. Herndon has been a dedicated music teacher at the Piano & Guitar Institute since 2009. In addition to teaching piano, she is also the Lead Teacher and Music Director in charge of new student enrollment.

Ms. Herndon has been playing the piano since she was almost 3 years old and has a degree in Music Therapy from Colorado State University. She takes pride in being able to help students of all ages and abilities thrive in a musical setting. She enjoys watching her students grow in their musical ability as well as their self-confidence.

Her love for music extends beyond teaching as she enjoys playing Bach and Chopin, and is a big fan of The Beatles and Taylor Swift. When she's not teaching, Ms. Herndon likes to go for a run and has completed several half-marathons. She also enjoys reading, playing Tears of the Kingdom, and spending time with her dog, Helo, who accompanies her to the Piano & Guitar Institute during the week.

Ms. Herndon
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